«I am varied like Switzerland, the Swiss-German is probably responsible for my structure, organisation and the base, the French for style and the passion for details and the Italian for design and curious about new trends. It struck me that with my passion for Interior Design and my study of Feng Shui, the art of space cleaning, I was in a unique position to help. The Home & Art concept was created.»

Before embarking on her career as a Lifestyle Consultant, Nicole Böhme worked for over 20 years as a consultant in the travel and private banking industry. Frequently abroad, she had to organize her wardrobe to perfection. Of course, like we all do, she made purchases from the different cities. However, her twice a year wardrobe lifting ensured that it was never bursting at the seams.

Today she has clients across the globe and it always takes emence pleasure in helping them realise their potential.

«A wardrobe is like a bank portfolio,
where you have to go through and check your assets in between.»

Nicole Böhme
Lifestyle & Event Consultant and Editor