Academy & Events

Do you always wanted to celebrate a party around your wardrobe? Home & Art would be delighted to help you. In addition, Home & Art organize interesting seminars about the topic Wardrobe Lifting - KEEP CALM and GET ORGANIZED 

Ladies ‚soft wardrobe lifting‘ Party

Decluttering your wardrobe is the essential thing and why not celebrate this in a group of good friends and colleagues. You decide one person from the group or deciding by drawing lots, which wardrobe should be declutted and reorganized. Be delighted to an experience from a different Style – never before has decluttering made as much fun as.

Home & Art Swap Party

This trend comes from USA and finds a lot of fans in Switzerland too. ‘Swap’ means ‘exchange’ and the concept is rather that old like the manhood: mine against yours. On a Swap Party could fashion addicted lady’s exchange clothes, which they have not or ever wore, against clothes from other shopaholics. The Swap Party is a great change to snatch a new showpiece.

The Wardrobe Academy by Home & Art

In this seminar you learn more about the topics: declutter, release and organizing. Defy your wardrobe chaos and find out, how nice could be clearing out. You will feel uplifted and inspired and you will not believe the difference to your daily life that comes from opening your wardrobe doors every morning and loving every item in there!